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Free Elementary ESL Conversation Questions


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You can use these questions as a group activity or for pair work.


What’s your name?
What’s your surname?
What is your sister’s name?
What is your mother’s name?
What is your father’s name?
What is your brother’s name?
What are your children’s names?
What are your grandparent’s names?
What is your nationality?
What’s your phone number?
What’s your house apt number?
What’s your address?
What’s in your bag?
What do you do?
What does your friend do?
What do your parents do?
What do you do on Monday?
What do you do on Tuesdays?
What do you do on Wednesdays?
What do you do on Thursdays?
What do you do o Fridays?
What do you do on Saturdays?
What do you do on Sundays?
What is your favourite day?
What languages do you speak?
What do you hate doing?
What do you hate eating?
What do you hate watching on TV?
What’s your favourite film?
What’s your favourite TV programme?
What do you think of TV shows in this country?
What colour is your hair?
What colour are your eyes?
What time is it?
What time do you wake up?
What time do you have breakfast?
What time do you have lunch?
What time do you have dinner?
What time do you have supper?
What time do you go to bed?
What time is in now?
What year is it?
What is your friend’s job?
What are you wearing?
What colour are your shoes?
What colour are my shoes?
What does Angelina Jolie do?
What did Picasso do?
What does Obama do?
What does Lewis Hamilton do?
What does Justin Bieber do?
What did William Shakespeare do?
What does Justin Tmberlake do?
What does Harry porter do?
What is the BBC?
What is MTV?
What did you do yesterday?
What did you do in the last English lesson?
What is 13 + 15?
What did you do last week?
What did you do last weekend?
What did you do last night?
What did you do at work today?
What did Mozart do?
What did Freddy mercury do?
What does James bond do?

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