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Home safety tips against burglars

There will always be people who want to take the belongings of others and they would do their very best to do so, especially when you are not at home. Hereby we give you some tips and advice on what precautions you should take in order to avoid being robbed.

1, Install a very good lock in the front door

There are tons of new locks in the market which are available to be bought from certified locksmiths which burglars cannot open up quickly or at all. Get one installed to protect your entrance door. It might be expensive but it’s better be secure then to be afraid of anything to happen.

2. Always use a certified, registered locksmith who is well respected

There are unfortunately many smaller locksmith companies or one-man businesses who cooperate with burglar groups when it comes robbing a home. This is a sad truth which gives bad reputation even to the honest, certified locksmith services. Therefore take a high care who you choose to install the locks for you. Always get information on warranties on insurance conditions and most importantly about the lock itself.

3. Do not forget about the kitchen or backyard doors either

If you live in a house, chances are you have another backyard or garden entrance which leads to the kitchen and a balcony entrance from the living room area as well. This is very common with houses everywhere in the world and people often forget to provide enough protection for these extra entrances. That’s exactly why most thieves enter through these entrance doors. First of all, make sure your garden gate is well protected from any sort of unwanted attention. Burglars love gardens because that way no one can see them trying to enter from the street and the chance of someone calling the police is close to zero. User the same protective measures everywhere.

4. Even if you don’t have an alarm system or dog put the warning stickers out

Burglars don’t like homes which are armed with either alarm systems or dogs. So, even if you only seem like having any of the two, they will look for a different home, which is seemingly less protected from breaking in.

5. Have a good garage lock system

Many people tend to forget, that there is a way in through the garage too and people generally don’t lock this door. Take precautions when using the garage and install a lock there as well to make sure no one tries to enter through that entrance door.

6. Don’t forget about the windows

Many people forget to lock at least one window when leaving their home forgetting how good a chance they give to a burglar to simply get in through the window. Don’t forget to lock all windows from the inside before leaving home. If your windows are easy to break through, protect them with the help of additional lock and an enforced glass system.

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